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About Capable Kids Foundation

Our Story

Capable Kids began with a desire to bring more joy and laughter into the lives of children struggling with various disabilities as well as their families. Several of our founding members are therapists and technicians in the Rio Grande Valley who work with children who have special needs on a daily basis. Through experience working with these children and developing relationships with their families we have come to understand some of the daily struggles these families face. Attending activities and community events in most cases requires extensive planning and money, so many times it is easier to stay home and not participate at all. Children miss out on opportunities for social interaction, emotional connection, physical development and most importantly they miss out on the opportunity to just be kids and have fun. Our goal is to organize and host several events throughout each year where children with disabilities and their whole families will be able to attend without having to worry about some of the barriers they would generally face. We hope to give these children and their families something exciting to look forward to each year with the hope of bringing more joy into their lives.

Our Mission

Capable Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families by enabling them to participate in various events and activities throughout the community, increase knowledge on topics for children with special needs, as well as advocate for improved accommodations in the community.

Board of Directors

Melanie Watson


Andy Del Fierro


Esmeralda Leal

Executive Director

Marissa Pecina

Arturo Pecina

Clarissa Leonard

Desiree French


Social Events

  • Desiree French (co-chair)
  • Marissa Pecina (co-chair)

Sport and Recreational Events

  • Andy Del Fierro (co-chair)
  • Arturo Pecina (co-chair)

Media and Marketing

  • Melanie Watson (chair)


  • Desiree French (co-chair)
  • Andy Del Fierro (co-chair)
  • Melanie Watson (co-chair)

Equipment Recycling Program

  • Clarissa Leonard

Parent Committee

  • Erica Rivera
  • Violeta Yost
  • Alejandra Espinoza
  • Karla Flores
  • Gabriela Lumbreras
  • Rebecca Mann