//Enchanted Evening Prom: Teen Experience

Enchanted Evening Prom: Teen Experience

Enchanted Evening Prom: A Teen Participant’s Experience


We asked 16 year old Daniela Olivarez to tell us about her experience at the Enchanted Evening Prom. Here is what she had to say:

“Hi everyone, I’m Daniela Olivarez and I am doing this interview about my experience at the Enchanted Evening Prom on Friday. I just want to say that it was a very special event for ALL the participants and the volunteers, and thank you all so much for working so hard and with so much dedication to make this beautiful event.

For most children with adaptive lifestyles, prom is a dream come true – but not many get to experience it. I believe that this prom created something very, very special. The music was fun, the dancing was fun, everything was a blast! I kinda felt like that there was some unity and it was not about disability or ability, it was about equality. That’s the label I want for the Capable Kids Foundation. I had a BLAST at that prom, and hopefully there will be more events like that some day!

Thank you all, love you all from here to the moon.”

Daniela is an advocate for adaptive lifestyles and is a spokesperson for Capable Kids Foundation. She certainly has a bright future!

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