//Enchanted Evening Prom: Parent Experience

Enchanted Evening Prom: Parent Experience

Enchanted Evening Prom: A Parent’s Experience
By Melissa Pena


There are so many things to look forward to when you have a teenager. They are the fun things that make up for the hormones and the attitudes. Football games, concerts, dances, prom. The dresses and suits, the corsages and limos. You want to continue the tradition of awkward poses in the living room and gushing parents. But sometimes those things don’t happen because your child just can’t participate. They may need help, they may not handle crowds well, loud music might hurt their ears. In the end, you, as a parent, just know that it’s one more thing that you and your kid are going to miss out on. Unless you are blessed with amazing people who throw the most incredible party that is completely adapted for almost any need out there.

This Friday we dressed Maya up in this deep purple tulle creation. Her hair was curled and arranged. I brushed on a little eye shadow and blush, lip gloss was applied. She had a crown of flowers in her hair. She looked absolutely beautiful. I cried then and, honestly, I’m crying a little now.

Jon and I packed up her chair and drove her to The Social Club. There she was met with people who knew how to transfer her (although it was difficult with 15 layers of frothy dress). Hugs and kisses were given as we were ushered into this… this… breathtaking entryway.

They gave her a beautiful corsage and told us to follow the carpet. There we were mobbed by smiling faces and cheers! The love in that hallway was palpable. I was overwhelmed by how genuinely excited everyone was. I had to choke back tears (yes, I cry a lot, don’t judge me).

There were announcers introducing each fabulous attendee while the DJ played some really fun music! The decorations were incredible!! Everything was just beautiful! Definitely put my prom and its cardboard cut out backdrops and balloon arches to shame. There was also a photo booth that couldn’t have been busier! Props were flying and kids were posing like professionals!

The dance floor filled up and the party started to fire up! Some kids sang their hearts out while others danced to every song that was played. Were they talented dancers and singers? Who cares?! They were cheered on, encouraged, celebrated. Exactly the way they should be! Thank you Capable Kids for recognizing that our kids deserve to participate in all these milestones, in their own individual, fantastic way!

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